ENSSP Secondary Leadership Academy Day

On the 9th November ENSSP delivered a Secondary Leadership Academy Day at the UEA SportsPark. This event was designed to develop the yr 9-10 student's leadership skills. 

We had three Secondary schools attend this event:

Flegg High Ormiston Academy

Caister Academy

Ormiston Venture Academy

Each school brought 16 yr 9-10 students (girls and boys) along and they rotated around the 3 sessions in the morning. Dr Slattery from East Norfolk Medical Practice, Joel Matthews - Development Officer from Active Norfolk and Sports Leaders from East Norfolk Sixth Form College delivered the 3 sessions to develop the yr 9-10's knowledge, understanding and experience in leadership.

Dr Slattery delivered a session on Health and Safety when leading, top 5 leadership qualities, vulnerablility/confidence when leading/how to deal with mistakes and things going not to plan/wrong. Aswell as the students naming well known great leaders and what attributes they have to make them great leaders.

Joel Matthews delivered a session on how to get involved in leading, coaching and volunteering -  few ideas for signposting, some discussion tasks about creating volunteering action plans, what skills you need and to develop as a leader and further opportunities it can lead on to as a career.

The Sports Leaders from East Norfolk Sixth Form College delivered 4 practical activities in their session (2 multi-sports and 2 sport specific stations) to the yr 9-10s to have a go at and learn how to lead on activities to deliver to younger year students.

After lunch the yr 9-10's were split into their 3 respected schools and each school set up the 4 practical sessions they learned from the morning activities. Within their school, they were then split into groups of 4 to deliver one of the 4 practical activities.

ENSSP invited a targetted Primary School (Rollesby) to attend and help support with their transition. The primary school brought along 50-60 yr 1-4 pupils and were split into groups of 3 first, so had about 20 pupils for each secondary school to deliver to. They were then spilt in half and had 2 activities out of 4 leading on at one time. Whilst the leaders on those activities were delivering, the other leaders on the other activities were writing down feedback (swot analysis) to help support with development for their peers and then swapped roles when it was their turn. The Primary school rotated round all 4 activities. The East Norfolk Sixth Form College Sport Leaders helped and supported the yr 9-10 where needed. 

Rollesby Primary School and the Leaders displayed the School Games Values throughout the event.

Overall the Primary school really enjoyed the transition activity day and the leaders throughout were superb and improved their leadership skills throughout the day.

A massive thanks to Joel, Dr Slattery and East Norfolk Sixth Form College Leaders for supporting and delivering at this fantastic Leadership Academy Day and for UEA Sportspark for hosting.

It was brilliant to see so many students enjoying sport, getting active, learning and improving throughout with a smile on their face.

This event will now support the P.E departments at schools as we encourage the sports leaders who attended this Leadership Academy Day to volunteer/help at their school by putting on clubs after school, lunchtime and before school as well as encourage students to join a local community club to promote physical activity and sport and develop the leadership, coaching and volunteering pathway. This Leadership Academy Day was also to promote and support the outcomes for the CommonWealth Games Legacy that is happening in Birmingham 2022

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