ENSSP YR 5-6 Girls Football

On Tuesday 2nd November, we returned to a face 2 face event for the first time in 20 months and the sun was shining to welcome our return. The first event of the year was yr 5-6 Girls Football Event at Flegg High Ormiston Academy using the FDC Flegg 3G 5aside pitches to promote the Norfolk FA. This competition was an a COMPETE EVENT for pupils who are competitive in nature and enjoy performing and competing against others. Players/ teams that displayed School Games Values and fair play were celebrated alongside the results. RESPECT was the main School Games Vaule focus for this event!!


Eight different schools (10 teams) attended the event. The schools that attended the event were;

  • Rollesby Primary
  • Martham Academy
  • Southtown Primary
  • North Denes Primary
  • Woodlands Primary Academy (A and B team)
  • Filby Primary (A and B team)
  • Caister Junior Academy
  • Ormiston Herman Academy

All the games were played 5-aside format and lasted 8 mintue continuous period (no halftime). Each game was scored and refereed by sports students from East Norfolk Sixth Form and YR 8 Flegg High Ormiston Academy. The competition was run in 2 groups of 5 in a round robin format. Points were awarded based on the results and after all the games were played, the points were calculated to provide an overall position for each school. Points were awarded by 5 points for a win, 2 points for a draw and 1 point for a loss. If points level after all games the position was concluded by GD, then GS and then if still level head to head result. Then a final position game for the teams from each group playing each other e.g 1st in Group A vs 1st Group B and so on etc. IF the game ended in a draw and penalty shootout would decide the game of 3 penalties each and if still tied then sudden death penalties. 

The overall results were as follows;

1st: Woodlands A

2nd: Martham

3rd: North Denes

4th: Filby B

5th : Ormiston Herman

6th : Caister

7th : Filby A

8th: Woodlands B

9th: South Town

10th: Rollesby


Overall, it was great afternoon of football with great performances from all the schools and teams that were involved. It provided a great opportunity for the pupils to come represent their school in a sports event. All of the girls were engaged, active and improved across the competition. As a result of today, we encourage schools to provide the children the opportunity to develop further by putting on clubs after school, lunchtime and before school as well as encourage the girls to join a local community club to promote girls football wider for the Norfolk FA.

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